Fruit trees

The section is devoted to fruit trees. Like an apple tree or a pear tree.

Instructions for beginners: how to prune a walnut in the fall according to different schemes

Walnut kernels are tasty and healthy, used for making desserts and snacks. To get a rich harvest, gardeners need to know how to care for the tree and what agronomic procedures it needs. ...

How much and how often to water figs in the summer: instructions for beginners

Fig is a tropical fig tree. It is grown in Russian gardens and orchards in the open ground, planting on warm and fertile lands. Fig fruits are valued for their beneficial qualities and vitamin composition, ...

A beginner's guide to planting almonds in the fall

Almonds are a unique tree. It has an amazing delicate aroma, beautiful pink-white flowers, tasty and healthy nuts. Once the almond tree was grown only in the south, today it has settled in the middle zone of the country. Almonds ...

Land for lemon growing at home

Plant lovers plant lemon trees not in the garden, but at home - in a pot. Such conditions are more suitable than others for a capricious exotic tree, because it is easier to provide it with proper care at home. One ...

How to properly water indoor lemon

Indoor lemon is a versatile plant for the home. Healthy, beautiful, with tasty, juicy fruits. But in order to grow it on the windowsill, it is not enough just to place the seed in the ground. Lemon, like everyone else ...

Pruning and shaping lemon at home

Pruning homemade lemon is an important step in growing it. The correctness of the tree development, attractiveness, timing and abundance of flowering and fruiting, risks depend on how correctly and in a timely manner it will be performed ...

Summer sweet cherry transplant guide for beginner gardeners

The best period for planting cherries is autumn. But sometimes there are circumstances in which a tree transplant is necessary at a less favorable time. At such moments, a novice gardener has a lot of questions. How to organize ...

When to prune cherries in the fall and how to do it right

Cherry is a fast growing fruit tree that requires constant maintenance. One of the obligatory agrotechnical procedures is pruning. It increases yields and extends the life of the plant. The event is not easy, therefore it requires careful study of the issue and compliance ...

How to ripen green peaches at home

Peach is a very fragrant and tasty fruit, so in summer not only the counters of markets and shops are filled with it, but also Russian gardens. It often happens that outwardly the fruit is ready for consumption - ...

Home-grown avocado fruiting or not

Avocado is a demanding tropical plant. Its seeds germinate easily, take root quickly and begin to grow, but with improper care and in unsuitable conditions, they die in 1-2 years. For caring flower growers ...