Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners

The ideal time to plant horticultural crops is early spring or mid-autumn. However, some summer residents choose midsummer for this.— July. Gardeners are attracted by warm weather, when the probability of freezing of seedlings is close to zero. They especially like to plant cherries in July: a juicy and sweet berry is a favorite of many. How to plant cherries with seedlings in July and what recommendations to follow, we will consider further.

Is it possible to plant cherries in July

Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners

For the July planting, seedlings with a closed root system are suitable; they grow in plastic containers, not outdoors. Such a cherry quickly takes root in a new place, because a lump of earth from a container is placed in the hole along with the roots. The roots are not injured, the flowering period begins earlier. Gardeners have no difficulty in storing planting material; they buy it long before planting. In July, there are no sharp drops in temperature, which often happens in spring and autumn, so the seedling is protected from cold weather.

The disadvantage of planting in July is that seedlings with an open root system are not suitable for it. These cherries are planted in the garden in spring or autumn. In summer, plants with an open root system experience severe stress, which negatively affects yield and fruit quality. Plants are often sick, berries grow sour, deformed.

Optimal planting times

The day of planting depends not so much on the exact date as on climatic conditions, lighting, humidity. Summer residents recommend planting cherries in the morning on a calm and sunny day. The optimum air temperature is up to + 20 ° C, which is why they choose the time before lunch, while the sun does not bake much.

Attention! According to the lunar calendar, favorable months for planting crops are March, April, May, September, October. July is not on this list.

There should be no rain, as well as hail and other precipitation. Suitable air humidity is about 75–80%. In order for the cherry to take root on the site until the fall, many gardeners plant it in early July.

Suitable varieties

When choosing a variety, attention is paid to the yield and ripening time, early maturity and requirements for growing, immunity to diseases and purpose. Among domestic varieties for planting in July are suitable:

Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners
Radonezh cherry
  1. Radonezh. Low-growing trees with arched olive shoots and dark red fruits with delicate skin. The pulp is sweet and sour, suitable for processing. Radonezh is resistant to fungal diseases.
  2. Fairy. The variety is universal in use, the berries are pink, oval-round. The pulp is juicy and tender. Cherries are grown for sale and personal consumption.
  3. Ukrainian. Winter-hardy early ripening variety. The tree is bushy type, does not take up much space on the site. The skin is shiny, the flesh is dark red. The taste is juicy, sweet, with a pleasant sourness.

    Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners
    Oka Ruby
  4. Oka ruby. The variety is mid-season, unpretentious in cultivation. The pulp is juicy, the taste is pleasant. Oka ruby ​​is fast-growing, universal in application.
  5. Youth. A self-fertile winter-hardy variety is grown throughout Russia. The fruits are round, dark red, the skin is dense. The taste is aromatic, sweet and sour.

Selecting and preparing a landing site

Cherry is demanding on the place of cultivation, so it is prepared in advance. Since April, the earth has been dug up on a shovel bayonet, cleaned of debris and last year's foliage, and weeds and other plant residues are removed. It is recommended to water the soil with boiling water as soon as the snow melts to destroy the larvae and bacteria that winter in it.

Podzolic lands containing organic and mineral substances are suitable for culture. To make the soil more fertile, rotted manure or chicken droppings are introduced into it in 2 months at the rate of 8 kg per 1 m².

Cherry does not tolerate excessively humid lands, because of this, the root system rots, the yield decreases. There should be no wetlands or groundwater near the plantings. The ideal option is a sunny, hilly plot located along the fence from the south-eastern part of the garden. If the soil is acidic, 400 g of dry lime is added per 1 m². The acidity level should be no more than 7 pH.

Selection and preparation of planting material

Gardeners choose self-rooted or grafted plants with 3-4 skeletal roots... Such specimens yield earlier and adapt better to growing conditions. The height of the seedling is about 80 cm, annuals and biennials are suitable. It is important to pay attention to their appearance: the seedling should not have cracks, stains, or signs of decay. All this suggests that the plant is sick or has been subjected to mechanical stress, for example, breakage.

After purchase, the leaves are removed from the seedling so that they do not dehydrate the plant. The roots are moistened in warm water and wrapped in cloth or polyethylene. Before planting, the main roots are pruned to healthy wood and dipped in a mixture of Extrasol. It increases the cherry's immunity to bacterial and fungal diseases, accelerates the growth of roots and shoots, and increases productivity.

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How to properly plant cherries in July

Summer planting does not take much time if you think it over in advance and prepare the necessary equipment: a shovel, a wooden peg for support, a garden net, a bucket of water. The recommendations of experienced gardeners will help to plant and grow cherries without any problems.

Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners

Planting instructions

Preparation begins with digging a planting hole 80 cm wide and 60 cm deep. The distance between trees of low-growing varieties should be at least 3 m, tall ones - 5-6 m. As a rule, cherries are placed in single plantings or along garden structures. Further planting guidance:

  1. In the center of the pit, a wooden stake is installed - a support for a cherry tree.
  2. Purchased land is poured into the bottom with a layer of no more than 10 cm.
  3. Remove the seedling from the solution or water.
  4. Place the root collar 4 cm above the ground.
  5. Sprinkle the seedling on all sides with loose soil.
  6. A depression is made 15 cm from the base and 2 buckets of water are poured into it.
  7. Tie the cherry to the support with a cotton ribbon.
  8. The bole is covered with a special garden net.

Not all summer residents understand where the root collar is located. Some believe that it is above the roots, others - at the site of inoculation. In fact, the root collar is located at the transition of the roots into the trunk. Therefore, it cannot be deeply buried in the soil, this leads to rotting of the bark. As a result, the tree, instead of settling in a new place, will struggle for survival.

Bone planting

An easy way to grow a fruitful cherry orchard is to use seeds. They are selected from the most delicious and juicy berries; pits from store-bought cherries are not suitable for this. The planting material is washed and dried in the sun, then placed in a hole 5 cm deep. It will begin to grow only in the fall, when the cool weather sets in and the bones exfoliate. The first shoots will appear in the spring. When the seedlings reach a height of 30 cm, they are transplanted to a permanent place.

Some gardeners plant seeds in flower pots after fertilizing the soil with organic matter or mineral fertilizers.They are grown at home or in the country and only then are they placed on the site.

Features of planting cherries with a closed root system

Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners

When planting cherries with a closed root system in summer, the container is turned upside down, holding an inverted seedling in the palm of your hand along with a lump of earth. There are holes in the bottom of the pot that make it easy to remove and separate from the plant.

Attention! It is recommended to buy seedlings from proven garden nurseries. When buying, gardeners find out all the information about cherries: the name of the variety and the ripening period, especially the cultivation and care. It will not be superfluous to study the reviews of other summer residents.

The seedling is pre-watered so that it can be easily removed. This will preserve the integrity of the root system and the soil in which the cherries previously grew.

Follow-up care

Plant care consists of watering and fertilizing, loosening and mulching. Although they are drought tolerant, cherries are watered throughout the growing season. On a young tree, they spend from 3 to 6 liters of buckets of water, previously heated in the sun. In southern regions with dry air, the amount of liquid is increased, in rainy and cloudy weather, it is reduced. Before the procedure, the soil is loosened: this retains moisture, makes it breathable and lightweight. Loosening is the prevention of the appearance of diseases and insect pests.

The first feeding of cherries is carried out during the flowering period... A mixture of mineral components is used: 5 g of urea and 10 g of potassium chloride are diluted in 5 liters of water. The nitrogen-potassium composition stimulates the development of flowers, improves the taste and marketability of fruits. After 2 weeks, organic fertilizer is used: a mixture of 10 liters of water, 2 liters of mullein and 500 g of wood ash is applied under each bush. After the procedure, the cherry is poured abundantly with warm water.

The soil around the cherries should always be covered with mulch. Bark and wood chips are effective in application - they give plants an attractive appearance, retain moisture in the soil, protect the roots from overheating and inhibit the development of weeds.

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Experienced gardening tips

Is it possible to plant cherries in July and how to do it correctly: instructions and advice from experienced gardeners

In order for cherries to consistently bear fruit with delicious fruits, gardeners are advised to pay attention to preventive treatments for diseases and pests, pruning of plants:

  1. Cherries are pruned from 2 or 3 years after planting. In young trees, shoots on the trunk and thin single shoots are removed. Sick and damaged branches are cut with a sharp garden pruner. This is done before the start of active sap flow, around the end of March or the beginning of April, depending on the growing region.
  2. Preventive treatment is carried out during spring, summer and autumn. To protect against scab, coccomycosis, black rot, use a solution of urea (1 tbsp. L per bucket of water) or spraying with the preparation "HOM". Spraying with soapy water or Bordeaux mixture helps prevent the appearance of insect pests.

To protect against rodents in the autumn-winter time, plastic nets are used. They do not disturb air circulation and protect against vole mice, rats, and hares.


For the July planting, seedlings with a closed root system are chosen: they quickly adapt to the climatic conditions of the region, rarely get sick. They buy planting material in garden nurseries, study in advance the suitable varieties and their requirements. The culture is grown in sunny areas, after fertilizing them with organic and mineral fertilizing. The seedling is placed in a hole, sprinkled with earth and tied to a support. Then it is watered with warm water, fed and mulched.

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