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Useful properties of figs for women and the rules for its use

Fig (wine berry) is the fruit of the fig tree, which has an oblong pear-shaped shape. The color of the berry depends on the type of tree. The fruits are used not only in cooking, but also help in the fight ...

Instructions for beginners: how to prune a walnut in the fall according to different schemes

Walnut kernels are tasty and healthy, used for making desserts and snacks. To get a rich harvest, gardeners need to know how to care for the tree and what agronomic procedures it needs. ...

The best ways to treat eggplant diseases: photo and description

Eggplant diseases, like attacks by insect pests, can kill plants and leave hosts without crops. To effectively cope with diseases, you need to know their first signs and methods of treatment. Also not worth it ...

What is a corn dryer, how it works and how to make it yourself

Corn continues to be in demand on the world market, despite the drop in purchase prices. But there is one important nuance - the moisture content of the harvested grain is 35-40%. And long-term storage requires an indicator of 15% ...

How much and how often to water figs in the summer: instructions for beginners

Fig is a tropical fig tree. It is grown in Russian gardens and orchards in the open ground, planting on warm and fertile lands. Fig fruits are valued for their beneficial qualities and vitamin composition, ...