What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

The quality of the crop depends on the correct care of the plantings. For example, violation of agronomic practices leads to cracking of carrots. Often the root crop bursts from abundant watering, but there are other reasons for this phenomenon. Why carrots crack in the garden - you will learn from the article.

For what reasons do carrots burst and crack?

The main reason is uneven and irregular watering the beds. Less commonly, carrots will burst and become ugly due to improper fertilization, improper soil selection, or late harvest. It is important to identify the main problem in time and try to fix it.

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

Irregular watering

It so happens that the gardener plants roots in a garden plot away from home. He comes there only on weekends and abundantly waters all the beds. After long rains or severe droughts, a large amount of moisture creates pressure inside and out carrots... Deep cracks appear on the vegetable, and it gradually deforms.

During the cultivation of carrots, experienced gardeners adhere to the following rules:

  1. Plants are abundantly moisturized only in the first month after planting in open ground. Limit watering in the second half of the growing season.
  2. Water often, but in moderation. The beds are not flooded, even if the soil is too dry. The procedure is performed every other day, pouring 2 watering cans on one bed.
  3. After the formation of fruits, moistening is carried out no more than 2 times a week.
  4. Water in the morning or evening. Water is brought in between rows.
  5. If the garden is located on too wet soil, moisture-loving greens are grown between plantings: lettuce, dill, parsley.
  6. To keep moisture in the soil as long as possible, its surface is mulched with sawdust or compost. If this procedure is not followed, the soil is loosened after each watering.
  7. Watering is completely stopped one month before harvest.

Carrots love constant, uniform and moderate moisture. After the formation of root crops, the number of procedures is reduced to 2 times a week.

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

Incorrect fertilization

Another reason why the carrots cracked is the introduction of the wrong dressing or excess fertilization.

As a result, the roots grow rapidly, become loose and unstable to external factors, begin to deform and burst.

Gardeners adhere to the following rules:

  1. Make nitrogen fertilizing at the beginning of the growing season: 30 days after germination. Stop in the second half of the growing season.
  2. During the formation of root crops, phosphorus and potash fertilizers are applied. The use of fresh organic matter is prohibited. Infusion from bird droppings, mullein or weeds is used only in the first month after the emergence of sprouts.
  3. Fresh manure is not applied before sowing. Use compost, rotted manure or peat.
  4. Ash is used only as a solution. Otherwise, loose raw materials will change the acidity of the soil, provoke abundant root formation.
  5. The dosage is observed.

Late harvest

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

Overriding is another reason why carrots burst. Sowing early maturing varieties carried out at the end of April, and harvest harvested at the end of August.

Late-ripening carrots are planted in late May and harvested in mid-September.

Reference. In addition to cracking, overripe roots begin to rot.This is especially true for late-ripening varieties. It is not uncommon for September to experience prolonged rains, leading to rot and crop loss.

Dense soil

Defects form due to the resistance of the heavy soil to growing root crops. Therefore, when choosing a site for sowing, the following rules are followed:

  1. Select breathable and light sandy or sandy loam soils.
  2. Do not plant on clayey soils. If there is no other land, varieties with short root crops are planted. For example, Carotel, Chantenay, Alenka.
  3. On too dense soils, fill beds are formed from fertile soil with a layer of 40 cm. Sometimes gardeners order such soils and fill the entire plot with them.
  4. They improve the land by introducing river sand, peat, rotted compost or sawdust.
  5. Carrots are sown into the ridges. This method is well suited for climatic regions with abundant rainfall, low temperatures and well-structured soils. The method is not used in the south, since the ridges there will be very overheated.

The quality of the soil is improved by green manure. After harvesting, oats, wheat or rye are sown in place of the carrots. In the spring they are dug up, and then the roots are planted. In addition to structuring the soil, green manure saturates it with nutrients.

Reference. To improve the quality of the soil, cauliflower is planted in place of carrots.

High nitrogen levels in the soil

Nitrogen fertilizers in large quantities cause strong growth, provoke looseness and wateriness of root crops.

Carrots begin to crack in the ground, which subsequently reduces the quality of the crop. Nitrogen fertilizing is applied only at the beginning of seedling growth 2 times.

How to prevent this problem and why it matters

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

To prevent cracking of carrots, experienced gardeners take into account the above rules: water moderately, apply mineral and phosphorus fertilizers, choose the right soil, and harvest on time.

The main reason for cracking root crops is illiterate watering. It is good if it is done evenly, regularly and in moderation. Exclude watering in hot weather, during the day. Warm, settled water is poured only between the carrot rows.

Cracking does not affect the taste of the root vegetables, but is accompanied by the following problems:

  • reduction of shelf life;
  • complication of transportation - during transportation, carrots are even more damaged;
  • an increased amount of waste when cleaning root crops;
  • unattractive appearance of carrots - often the gardener takes out double and triple root crops with many cracks;
  • difficulty in processing, since the cracks are clogged with earth.

Is it possible to keep cracked carrots

Burst roots are not suitable for storage. They quickly rot, and, being near a good harvest, spoil it too. Additionally, they cause the appearance of midges, an unpleasant odor.

Is it suitable for consumption

What to do if carrots burst and crack in the garden, and why this happens

Cracked carrots are edible. It is washed, cleaned and processed - grinded and sent to the freezer. Do not thaw it before use.

Some part of the crop is used for conservation. Root vegetables will not spoil the taste of cooked dishes, they will be a good dressing for soups. They also get healthy juices and delicious desserts from carrots.


Preventing cracking of carrots is easy if you follow our recommendations and advice. The main thing is to pick up light and breathable soil, alternate carrot plantings with green manure, observe the irrigation regime, prevent excess fertilizers, and harvest on time. If the carrots do burst, they should be processed as soon as possible.

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